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How much does a nanny earn?

Salaries vary depending on a candidate’s qualifications, experience and duties and responsibilities.

London Live-out Rates: £13-15 net per hour

London Live-in Rates: £600-650 net (based on 12 hours a day Monday-Friday and 2 nights babysitting)

Temporary 24 hrs or Holiday Nanny Rates: £180-200 net per day.

Weekend Nanny Rates: £20-30 net per hour

Maternity Nannies Rates: £180-250 net daily (single baby)

How much does your agency charge?

How much does your agency charge?

We charge our clients on the basis of the candidates yearly net earnings for permanent positions and standard fixed rates for temporary positions.

Full Time Live Out Nanny / Housekeeper – 10% of annual net salary.

Part Time Live Out Nanny / Housekeeper – 12% of annual net salary.

Full Time Live In Nanny / Housekeeper – 12% of annual net salary

Weekend Nanny – 12% annual net salary

Temporary Nanny/ Holiday Nanny- £20 per weekday and £40 per Saturday and Sunday and Bank Holidays (Payable 3 days in advance or before the booking commences.)

Trial Periods – 16% of the total net earnings (minimum of £20 as a fee). All of which contributes towards permanent fees.

It is a one off payment fee.

How long does it take to recruit a Nanny after the registration?

As an agency, we normally take at least a minimum of one to four weeks of finding the perfect match. Candidates can start depending on their notice period.

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